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MLA format paper sample
Purdue OWL's sample paper with instructions

//Silva Rhetoricae// - The Forest of Rhetoric

Remixing Deborah Brandt

Business Letter
Sherman Alexie

Getting Ready for ENG 1302

Celebration of Student Writing Videos
CSW May 2007
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Ethnography - from Wikipedia


From Guide:

2. "Plagiarism"
4. "Rhetoric"

From Writing about Writing:

Unit II Readings - Defining Good Academic Argument

Read or re-read (4) "Rhetoric" in Guide (above)
Read or re-read pp 1-8 in Writing about Writing (below)
Read (10) Porter, WaW pp 86-100
Read Grant-Davie, WaW pp 101-119
Read (19) Revision v. Editing - Guide
Read (15) King, WaW pp 305-307
How does one university define it?
How does one textbook define it?

Unit I Readings
Introduction (pp 1-5):
6. Swales, "Create a Research Space (CARS) Model of Research Introductions" (pp 6-8):
7. Greene, "Argument as Conversation: The Role of Inquiry in Writing A Researched Assigment" (pp 9-21)
8. Kleine, "What Is It We Do When We Write Articles Like This One--And How Do We Get Students to Join Us? (pp 22-33):
9. Kantz, "Helping Students Use Textual Sources Persuasively" (pp 67-85)

11. Swales, "The Concept of Discourse Community" (pp 466-467 + section 2.3)